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Roast Level: Medium-Light

Tasting NotesGolden Raisin, Apricot & Toasted Walnut

Suggested Brew Methods

Awaken your senses to the vibrant and alluring Solstice coffee blend, where each cup promises a journey through a landscape of rich, yet delicate flavors. Expertly crafted for the discerning coffee enthusiast, our Solstice blend is a medium-light roast that effortlessly balances strength with subtlety, bringing forth a unique and unforgettable tasting experience.

Flavor Profile:

  • Golden Raisin: The first note to greet your palate is the sweet and sunny warmth of golden raisins. This delightful sweetness is reminiscent of sun-drenched vineyards, offering a natural and fruity essence that sets the tone for the rest of your sip.
  • Apricot: Following closely is the lush, velvety taste of ripe apricots. This layer adds a touch of tanginess that complements the sweetness, creating a harmonious and refreshing middle note in your cup.
  • Toasted Walnut: Completing the sensory journey is the earthy and comforting hint of toasted walnuts. This finishing note adds depth and complexity to the blend, grounding the brighter fruity tones with its rich, nutty undertones.

Each bag of Solstice is more than just coffee; it's an invitation to indulge in moments of serenity and contemplation. Whether you're enjoying a quiet morning or seeking a midday retreat, Solstice is the perfect companion to elevate your coffee experience. Embrace the artistry of flavor and let Solstice become a cherished part of your daily ritual.

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