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Coffee Machines & Servicing

At Abbotsford Road, we not only roast and sell high-quality coffee beans, we also source coffee machines at wholesale prices for you saving significant costs as well as servicing your coffee machine on an ongoing basis to ensure it works perfectly. Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to ensuring that your coffee machine is always in top-notch condition. We offer routine maintenance and servicing to keep your machine running smoothly, as well as troubleshooting and repairs in the event of any issues. Our goal is to make sure that your coffee is always brewed perfectly, so you can enjoy the rich and flavorful taste of our freshly roasted coffee. 

We're passionate about the art of coffee and the machines that make it possible. We understand that a great cup of espresso can make or break a cafe, restaurant, or hotel's reputation, and that's why we're here to keep your coffee machines in tip-top shape. With years of experience in the industry, we are your trusted partner for coffee machine servicing.

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Equipment Maintenance Services

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

Regular servicing to prevent breakdowns, prolong equipment lifespan, and ensure optimal performance of coffee machines and cafe equipment.

Emergency Repairs

Swift response for unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions, minimizing downtime and keeping your business operational.

Comprehensive Cleaning

Thorough cleaning and descaling procedures to maintain hygiene standards and safeguard equipment functionality.

Equipment Care

Offering a range of parts replacements and upgrades to enhance the efficiency and performance of coffee machines and cafe equipment, ensuring they remain up-to-date.