Wega IO 2-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

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Founded in 1985 in Italy, Wega quickly became one of Italy's most popular and best-selling espresso machine brands on the market. Each machine is known for its customizability, longevity, gorgeous build, and overall great performance.

This allowed Wega to maintain an impressive 25% market share, meaning you'll find 1 of every 4 espresso machines in Italy to be Wega's. Brought into the US in 2011, Wega machines are slowly but surely becoming more prominent in cafes, local coffee shops, and restaurants alike. 

One of the best compact espresso machines for smaller spaces, the Wega IO is unique in its fun with a stylish design. Perfect for enhancing the look of trendy cafés, restaurants, or pubs, the IO allows you to make the very best in Italian style espresso using one or two group heads. Not only is the machine exceptionally stylish, but it's also efficient, reliable, and simple to use. 



  • Single boiler heat exchange system
  • Pre-infusion technology
  • Turn style steam knobs
  • Raised groups (up to 20oz cup) & barista downlights
  • 4 programable, volumetric dosing touchpads (touch-sensitive)
  • Temperature stabilized groups (thermosiphon)
  • Manual pressure stat
  • Two stainless steel steam tubes
  • A hot water dispenser and two manual buttons for coffee dispensing.
  • Possibility of bringing the 122mm raised groups to a height of 82 mm at any time thanks to a broad and solid stainless steel flap.
  • Work area LED downlighters as standard.



Total Wattage 3,750 watt
Heating Element 3,400 watt
Boiler 9 ltr
Net Weight 138 lbs
Approx Ship Weight 220 lbs
Measurements W x D x H 29.33"x 20.7" x 21.1"
Power 220 volt/17.1 amps