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When your coffee comes from Abbotsford Road, you know it’s been carefully sourced, roasted and supplied by people who live and breathe coffee. We’re proud to share that passion with you.

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The Abbotsford Road story

Abbotsford Road is the home of America’s finest specialty grade coffee. We want to give you the beans, the education and the support you need.

The people at Abbotsford Road have been sourcing and roasting coffee since 2002. Being in the coffee industry for so long means we’ve developed valuable partnerships with producers around the world to ensure an exceptional supply of beans. Even more importantly, we’ve also developed a way of doing business that best helps the people pouring our coffee – you.

We understand that what you need is not only a consistency of quality coffee, but a consistency of service. That’s why you’ll find us here to help you make money and thrive – education for staff, premium equipment, streamlined processes and end-to-end, seven-day support.

Of course, a successful coffee provider also needs seriously great coffee, and that’s what we’re famous for. We source 100% of our coffee beans directly from producers, establishing relationships that benefit their communities, while also delivering coffees of complexity and quality.

If you’re after straight-up brilliant coffee, made by people who care, you’ll find it right here, at Abbotsford Road.

Expert help on hand

The people behind Abbotsford Road have been working in the coffee industry around the world for more than 
25 years. Simply put, we love coffee, and we love sharing it with people in cafés or at home.

We’re with you every step of the way – from showing you how to get the most out of your equipment to making sure you’re always supplied with our freshly roasted beans.

How can we help you?

Meet Logan Kedwell

With years of experience running cafés, Logan understands your business, and is here to help it thrive.

Logan began working in the family wholesale fruit and vegetable business where he learned the value of consistently high quality produce and excellent client relationships. This led Logan to run a boutique chain of successful cafés where he was involved in everything from designing fit-outs and menus to training staff, as well as getting a solid grounding in the art of specialty roasting.

This experience working in venues from London to New York means Logan is ideally placed to help grow your café and add value through a superior product, practical knowledge and business acumen.

Meet Phillip Di Bella

Phillip is an Australian entrepreneur who after running the landmark Cosmopolitan Café in Australia for nine years turned his entrepreneurial skills to creating his own business, Di Bella Coffee. Di Bella has since grown into Australia’s largest specialty coffee roaster and was recently crowned Golden Bean Champion at the 2016 Compak Golden Bean Roaster Competition and Conference.

Phil attributes this success to following the core principles of good customer service and a commitment to ensuring all his partners succeed. This means not only providing the finest product possible at an affordable price, but also backing that up with expert support and education. Phill now plans to bring this proven formula to help support cafes and restaurants in the US market.

Where you’ll find us

Our coffee is ethically sourced from around the world, roasted daily right here in Brooklyn and served in select cafés, restaurants and stores around Manhattan and Greater New York. From crop to cup to you.

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Without question, the coffee is amazing, but what really impressed me was Abbotsford Road’s commitment to my business. They’ve been there when I needed them, through staff training, emergency equipment maintenance, marketing strategy planning and more. They feel like part of the team.

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(347) 384-2862




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