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$15.99 - $75.75
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Roast Level: Dark

Tasting Notes: Velvety and Complex; Notes of Smoky-Bittersweet Chocolate, Cane Sugar and Roasted Nuts

Suggested Brew Methods:Β Espresso, Stove Top, Pour Over, Drip, French Press, Percolator, Cold Brew

A realm of coffee the daring tend to! This dark roast is not your average cup of joe, it has many dimensions! We roast it longer to help develop those complex, sweet, clean, and charred flavors. This coffee is velvety on the tongue with flavor notes of smoky bittersweet chocolate, cane sugar, and roasted nuts. For coffee drinkers that tend to stay away from acidic coffees, this cup is well rounded and higher in sweetness. Enjoy your coffee light and sweet? or just bold and dark? Give Nero a go, you will not be disappointed!

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