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Mazzer Major V Electronic Espresso Grinder

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$2,320.00 - $2,320.00
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Inside and out, the Major V features many performance and styling upgrades. New sharper and compact design, precision machined components, metal accessories, and high-tech electronics. 

  • Electronic grinder-doser with flat blades
  • Suitable for medium/high consumption
  • Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment
  • On-demand grinding with electronic dose adjustment
  • Grind Flow Control System (GFC)
  • Adjustable portafilter holder
  • No loss of grind settings with an easy to clean grinding chamber
  • Single, double, and triple dose with independent adjustment
  • Index of settings (memory track)
  • Pause function
  • Ability to set up a maximum dose cap
  • Digital display with shot counter
  • Ventilation device with electronic control to keep cool the motor
  • Optional IoT features
  • Industry professional installation and set up required
  • Authorized dealer of Mazzer products!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


  • Power: 650 Watt
  • Grinding blades: Flat Ø 83 mm – 3¼ inches (ref. 151A)
  • Grinding blade speed: 1600 r.p.m. (60 Hz)
  • Coffee-bean container capacity: 3.5 lbs
  • Net weight: 45.2 lbs

Mazzer's new grinders are equipped with a GFC system, or Grind Control Flow, a dynamic system that responds to the needs of a given coffee. The GFC - through a set of interchangeable wire dampers - provides enhanced control through the grinding chute, improving dose consistency and grind quality.

*Data may vary depending on the set and roast point, blend, or single-origin coffee. 


WARRANTY: All new Mazzer grinders include 1-year parts and a 30-day labor warranty. 

GRINDER CALIBRATION: There may be signs of use from the Mazzer factory calibration process, which involves the use of coffee beans. Per Mazzer, each grinder is factory tested and calibrated with actual coffee beans before being sold. Additionally, per Mazzer, it is normal to have some coffee residue, dust, or particles leftover from the calibration process in a "factory new" grinding machine. If you have further questions regarding the calibration process, please contact Mazzer directly.

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